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Photo Albums

Preston sitting on Santa's lap   Amzie and Preston Visit Santa Claus at Califon Train Station 12/1/2002
Amzie and Preston with "Ga-Ga"   Thanksgiving in Twin Lakes 11/28/2002
James Clawson (c. 1839)   Clawson Ancestral Portraits from 1800s (Discovered 11/2002)
Gerrit and Scott at High Bridge train station   Gerrit Visits Califon 9/2002
Amzie exhausts Andy   Palestis Visit for Greek Festival in Union 9/7/2002
Atsushi burning the midnight oil   Atsushi Sakahara Works in Califon 8/2002
Josh teaches Amzie about baseball   Skulas Visit Califon 7/2002
Introducing Preston!   Preston's Birth 4/22/2002
Amzie looks concerned   Amzie's First Haircut 1/16/2002

Of Interest

(Virtual photo)
Virtual photo of Scott with (left to right) his grandfather Amzie, great uncle Spencer (nicknamed "Penn"), unknown dog, unknown friend of the family, and great grandfather Will. The portrait of Scott was inserted into an otherwise genuine photo, but it's neat nonetheless!

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